Language Success Press releases new ESL app for Business English

We are pleased to announce the release of the Business English Power Idioms app.

Business English Power Idioms

The innovative new app for iPhone & iPad teaches over 100 American English idioms useful for business. The Business English Power Idioms app is available on iTunes here.

The app is the perfect tool for those who need to improve their business English. Users will learn to use the business English idioms and expressions that are most popular today. Idioms include: “aha” moment, stay the course, hit a sweet spot, gain mindshare, and sweat equity. Two usage examples are given for each expression. Usage examples are taken from real situations in today’s business world and feature companies such as Amazon, LinkedIn, Kickstarter, LinkedIn, and Pandora.

The app features native speakers reading the idioms and usage examples aloud. Interactive quizzes give immediate feedback with reward icons.

It’s available on iTunes for $3.99. It’s the latest release in our growing line of ESL apps. Our other mobile apps for learning English include Business English Power Verbs, Speak English Like an American, Speak Business English I & II, and Say it Better in English. Please visit our apps page for more details.

The new app release was featured in the Houston Chronicle. Read the coverage here.



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